ChemiCloud Review 2024: Pros & Cons

ChemiCloud Review 2024 Pros & Cons

If you have a startup or a small business that needs recognition and an enhanced amount of traffic and reach, you’d certainly require the assistance of your own website, but how are you going to make it available online for others to see? This is where a web hosting service like ChemiCloud comes to the rescue.

From budget-friendly shared hosting to powerful VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, there’s every intended solution for your business/organization’s website. ChemiCloud offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and even WordPress hosting to cater to the requirements of different types of businesses. Here’s an in-depth review of this web hosting provider, along with its pros and cons in 2024.


Various Pros and Cons of ChemiCloud, Along With its Reviews, in 2024

Established in 2016, ChemiCloud offers an entire tapestry of hosting services ranging from shared hosting to cloud VPS hosting, and even provides special optimizations for the WordPress websites.

Complemented by perks like SSL certificates and free domains and leveraged by the power of 11 data centers, this web hosting platform has indeed made a name for itself as a trustworthy alternative in the web hosting arena.

Let’s take a look at its various Pros and Cons, the different relevant features and aspects that make it so popular, and its overall reviews and ratings.


Pros of ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud offers incredible support and guidance to its customers, besides providing them with the best-in-class features like a very intuitive UI and dashboard, a free website builder, and free migration and goodies.

This web hosting service places a strong emphasis on customer focus and is especially popular owing to its independently owned provider. It is also an easier choice for to-the-point plans.

When it comes to the different services offered by any given hosting platform, it is notable that ChemiCloud offers it all. From shared hosting and reseller hosting to VPS and WordPress hosting, this platform is a fast, secure, and reliable way to power your website.

Apart from these, some of the other pros of this web hosting platform are given below.

An industry-leading customer support

It doesn’t matter what time you need help; ChemiCloud offers you the benefit of talking to a support agent at any time, and you’re sure to get a lightning-fast response. Even with support ticket inquiries, its median time is only 35 minutes.

Proactive monitoring

ChemiCloud always proactively monitors different server issues and ensures that its users’ software is updated at all times.

Hassle-free migration

You can save valuable time and money by taking advantage of ChemiCloud’s fast and free migration service. Migrating your website from any other web host has never been this simple!

Free SSL certification

All of ChemiCloud’s web hosting plans come with a free “Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.” This way users can keep their data secured, encrypted, and away from illegal activities.

99.99% uptime guarantee

The uptime of ChemiCloud is way better than its downtime. This way, users never have to worry about their website going down ever again.


Cons of ChemiCloud

Although the cons of ChemiCloud aren’t as prominent as its pros are, it is important to understand that it offers smaller-sized storage as compared to the other web hosting solutions, in addition to the fact that its plans tend to be a bit pricey for some users.

Shared hosting ranges at $2.95-$4.95 per month, WordPress hosting also at $2.95-$4.95 per month, reseller hosting at $19.95-$54.95 per month, and VPS Cloud hosting at $29.95-$169.95 per month.

As you can infer, the prices of its different hosting services, and each of their relevant upper-tier plans, might be a bit high for some users, which is probably a very small downside of this web hosting platform.

Some of the other Cons are mentioned below.


No phone support

ChemiCloud doesn’t offer mobile phone support yet, but in the upcoming years, it will certainly do so, thereby making it a much better web hosting platform than it already is today.

No dedicated hosting is provided

Apart from the different hosting services provided to the users, ChemiCloud doesn’t offer any dedicated web hosting service yet.

Features of ChemiCloud

The different features of ChemiCloud include free domain and SSL, fast WordPress launch, free domain registration/transfer, free website builder, free website transfer, NVMe storage, and free CloudFare CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Besides these features of ChemiCloud, the ones that really stand out are its free website migration, ultra-versatile payment plans catering to different types of budgets, and a 45-day money-back guarantee, which gives customers an ample amount of time to decide whether the services provided by this web hosting platform are the right fit for them.

A majority of the other web hosting platforms offer free domain transfers, but rarely provide full website transfers for free like ChemiCloud does.


Pricing and Plans of ChemiCloud in 2024

A basic overview of the pricing and plans of ChemiCloud in 2024 have been discussed above. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Shared Hosting

Plan names- Starter, Pro, and Turbo.

Space- 20 GB, 30 GB, and 40 GB respectively.

Bandwidth- Unlimited in all three of these.

Number of sites- 1, unlimited, and unlimited, respectively.

Price- $2.95, $3.95, and $4.95 per month, respectively.


WordPress Hosting

Plan names- WordPress Starter, WordPress Pro, and WordPress Turbo.

Space- 20 GB, 30 GB, and 40 GB respectively.

Bandwidth- Unlimited in all three of these.

Number of sites- 1, unlimited, and unlimited, respectively.

Price- $2.95, $3.95, and $4.95 per month, respectively.


Reseller Hosting

Plan names- Kickstart, Grow, Expand, and Established.

Space- 60 GB, 90 GB, 140 GB, and 200 GB, respectively.

Bandwidth- 3 TB, 6 TB, 9 TB, and 12 TB respectively.

Panel- WHM in all three of these.

Price- $19.95, $24.95, $39.95, and $54.95 per month, respectively.


VPS Cloud Hosting

Plan names- Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Cloud 3, and Cloud 4.

Space- 80 GB, 160 GB, 320 GB, and 640 GB respectively.

RAM- 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB respectively.

CPU- 2×2.20GHz, 4×2.20GHz, 6×2.20GHz, and 8×2.20GHz respectively.

Price- $29.95, $49.95, $89.95, and $169.95 per month, respectively.

In addition to all these, the website builder plan starts at $2.95, and the SSL plan starts at $18.62 and goes up to $167.02.


Performance of ChemiCloud

A very essential factor to consider when evaluating whether a web hosting platform is the right fit for you and your budget is its performance.

On GTMetrix, ChemiCloud had a remarkable 156 ms speed and a fully loaded time of 1.3s, besides an overall performance and structure of 89% and 77%, respectively.


The Level of Support Provided by ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is also known for its healthy support hub that seeks to provide solutions to your doubts and inquiries 24/7/365 via live chats, video tutorials, ticketing (reserved only for its current customers), and knowledgebase/help-centre i.e, its vast library of FAQs.


Reviews and Ratings

As per the reviews and ratings, ChemiCloud is one of the most user-friendly and performance-oriented web hosting providers in today’s world, and it is used by 500+ users on a daily basis. Based on 544 genuine customer reviews, this site has been offered a 5-star rating, which is exceptional and remarkable, to say the least. It is the ideal website hosting platform, not only for startups and small businesses but also for the more established ones that have ample amounts of traffic and recognition already on their websites.

ChemiCloud has genuinely taken the hosting community by storm, and boasted an identical 5 star rating from 581 ChemiCloud user reviews on Trustpilot, and another 5 star rating from 543 user reviews on Hostadvice. Moreover, another A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has further cemented its massive reputation.


Final Words

ChemiCloud is a comparatively new hosting company that’s making a name for itself in the hosting community thanks to all the great user reviews and 5-star ratings. First of all, it has an incredible support team, a great 45-day money-back guarantee feature, and a super intuitive user interface that’s created with beginners in mind.

Secondly, their servers are also exceptionally fast, and their packages are to the point, making it very easy to decide which plan suits your purpose the best.

Only if ChemiCloud offered phone support and dedicated hosting, they could’ve easily been the best hosting service in the world!